Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Flashback and Some Potty Talk

Did anyone catch me yesterday when I posted the old pictures of the girls? That wasn't the babies wrestling on the floor. That baby pulling hair is my sweet, little Sarah. And Leila was her victim. Fortunately the babies have not yet learned to fight. Give them a few more weeks. I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Some of you noticed Leila's diaper in the last picture yesterday. It's actually a Happy Heinys fitted diaper. She wears them at night since she is (mostly) out of diapers during the day and pitches a royal fit if I try to put one on her at night. I just tell her the fitted diapers without covers are not real diapers. She seems to believe me.

Speaking of diapers, can anyone tell me when I should be concerned that Joshua is still wetting his pants each day? It's been a year and a half now since it started. He doesn't show any signs of any physical problem. There was no traumatic event. Unless living in our house is traumatic... which it sure is for me, but not so much for the kids. I hope. He just waits until he can't hold it and no amount of scheduled bathroom breaks seems to help. He is still in diapers at night, which is not really a concern since we have a family history of bed wetters. But really, this boy would be perfectly happy to wear a diaper each day. And he's four. What am I doing wrong here?

I'm up to my ears in diapers! Sometimes literally! Sarah is showing no signs of potty training. Isn't it odd that S & L are identical twins and yet L has been using the potty for months and S still has no interest? They are so different. But Sarah had better learn soon because I'm about to send her out to poop with the dog. I'd be perfectly happy to never change another poopy toddler diaper for as long as I live. Baby poop? No problem! Toddler poop? Gag! There's something about finding undigested corn kernels or bits of crayon wrapper in a pile of doo doo that just doesn't sit well with me.

I remember when the girls were little and I had 4 in diapers and thought it couldn't get much worse than that. And then I had twins again. And I'm changing diapers all day, every day. But I suppose it could be worse because I could have octuplets in diapers. Can you imagine?

With all of the potty and diaper talk, I was reminded of this old video of the girls. Kissaluvs had a contest a year or two ago and I had created this little video as my entry. We won runner-up and got some free diapers. I wish they'd have another contest because the babies go through diapers like crazy right now and I can never have too many.
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