Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life keeps handing me lemons

I'm getting so sick of lemonade.  Couldn't life just give me limes instead?  At least then I could make margaritas.

This is how the last couple of months have been for me...  Please excuse me while I air my dirty laundry all over cyberspace.

We just donated our trusty, beloved van to another "large" family.  We finally have our new Nissan NV and the first time I drove it, the windshield chipped in 10 different places.  And then we found out that the sliding door lock doesn't work and the trim around the windows leaked.  And then Nathan got car sick in it.  Not once had we ever had a kid get car sick before, but of course it happened on the first day in the new van.

We have been really trying to stick to our Dave Ramsey plan, but life seems to have other ideas.  The kids and I stayed home while Jason went to Georgia to drop off our van with its new owners and pick up the new van so that we could save money.  Unfortunately the trip still ate up our grocery budget for the rest of the year.

I find myself feeling homesick but unsure of what I'm missing.  Where is home?  If you asked my kids, you'd probably get six different answers.  Home is where the Army sends us.  Right now, this place doesn't feel like home.  It's hard to put down roots here when we know we are leaving in less than 5 months.  It's hard to think of where home will be next because we don't know where we're going.  And we won't know where we're going until October 1st, which makes the obsessive planner in me cringe.

Despite not owning an infant "bucket" car seat or even a baby swing, my sweet baby has plagiocephaly, aka "flat head syndrome."  Her physical therapist is recommending cranial helmet therapy which, of course, is not covered by insurance.  Now we find ourselves debating helmet costs vs. orthodontic bills and perhaps a few years of psychotherapy for a daughter with misaligned ears.

In March, the tenants that rent from us stopped paying rent.  In June, they moved out and left behind plenty of damage and no forwarding address.  They even stole from us.  I am really starting to lose faith in humanity.  I desperately want to see the good in people, but am constantly reminded that even seemingly kind people will take advantage of you.

Jason's car started having transmission trouble last year and the entire transmission was replaced (thankful that we paid for an extended warranty so that $6800 job was only $2000.)  Everything seemed to be fine until he called me today to say that I need to pick him up from work because his car won't start.  Sigh.

One day last week I woke up with a raging case of pink eye.  Nobody else had it.  Just me.  Maybe from touching my ear before putting in my contacts?  Or maybe my eye doesn't like the dusty desert?  It was super fun to wake up to that on the same day that Aunt Flo decided to return.

Yes, despite exclusive breastfeeding and pumping once a day, my body has decided it's time to be fertile again.  Not cool. Usually I go at least a year and a few months without cycles after having a baby. While I would love more children in my future, I do not have any desire to be pregnant and would much rather adopt.  Someone please give my ovaries the memo.

P.S.- My baby is crawling and standing and trying to cruise.  So very not cool.

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