Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Look

As you can see, my blog has been in the process of getting a new look.  Unfortunately, it hasn't gone so smoothly this time and some things are missing or acting a bit screwy.  I'm hoping to get it all fixed soon!

Meanwhile, our house has been getting a new look.  Actually, right now it's mostly the boys' rooms that have been getting overhauled.  I wish I could say it is just nesting, but I'm pretty much like this all the time.  As soon as my semester ended last week, I was tearing apart rooms and buying lumber.

Here's what I've been up to...

My big boys are sharing the biggest bedroom in the house.  I think it's even bigger than the master bedroom. We have a very small house (more on that in another post) so we have to get creative with the space.

 Matthew and Joshua were both sleeping in these Ikea loft beds with lots of storage/play space under them.  I think they're both getting a bit too big for the beds and they've been begging for "real" bunk beds for a long time.
 I have hidden their only dresser in the closet but that will soon change.  We are about to gain a lot of floor space!
 The wall decals are gone now and their room is getting a more "grown up" look.
Of course this little project involves some construction.  And a bedroom that gets completely destroyed in the process...
 What better project to undertake when you're 9 months pregnant?  A few power tools and a little furniture construction makes me so happy.  Never mind the fact that I can barely walk after squatting for 6 hours.  It will be good practice for giving birth though.
Here's my inspiration for the big boys' room.  The bunk bed plans came from Ana White, courtesy of Take the Side Street.  I'm reusing a lot of what we have in the room- the car table (from Plan Toys), the robot sheets (from Company Kids), the blue tab top curtains, and the street signs.  I'm adding a few robot bins (from thirty-one) that were a gift from my mom.  We have an existing white cube bookshelf and a few new pieces that are being built and/or refinished.  I picked up some new comforters a few months ago from Target and I'll probably sew some neat accent pillows eventually.

I hope to have "after" pictures to share in a few days.

The little boys' room is also getting a major overhaul.  I'm almost done with that room but have to wait on a new mattress to arrive before I can finish.
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