Monday, December 05, 2011

Too Good To Be True

After making some tough decisions about moving, things are now falling into place. I had to pinch myself this morning when we got a phone call from our property manager in Georgia. After listing our house for rent on Thursday, we already have a family moving in next week! This is much better than we could have hoped for and is a huge relief for us. To find another military family moving at this time of year and have our house rent immediately after being listed? It's a little miracle that we are so thankful for today!

Now we just need to find a house for ourselves.
(These are pictures from our trip back from Colorado. In just 2 days, we'll be on the road again!)
(A familiar sight: the shadow of our van across the open plains.)

(Garden of the Gods)

(Ryan and my dad's wife, Kathleen)
We have been insanely busy for the last few days. We took a trip to the mountains to get a Christmas photo of the kids in the snow, a trip to Seattle to go up into the Space Needle, multiple visits with Santa, driving around looking at Christmas lights, a trip to an enormous car museum, and we've been packing up.

On Wednesday morning we will leave for Arizona. Jason will drive his car and I'll have the "partymobile"-aka the van with all of the kids, the dog, and towing the camper. Watch out, Southwest! Here we come!
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