Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Month Is It Again?

Despite the fact that we cut down our (very tiny) Christmas tree today, I am going to post Halloween photos. Because apparently I have no idea what month it is anymore.

And on top of that, I'm going to post a bunch of photos in random order. This way when I look back in a few years and see this blog post, I'll be completely confused about what happened and when it happened. I plan these things, can't you tell?
We actually picked our pumpkins in Washington and they rode in the van with us all the way to Colorado. Then the kids insisted that I carve a goomba pumpkin. I wasn't sure that I could, but I did!
Our costume choices this year were also pretty random. We had planned to do a Mario Bros. theme, but after the movers packed up our costumes we had to go buy new ones. (Again, the planning thing! See a pattern here?)
We ended up with Matthew as a skeleton, Joshua as Toad, Leila as Cinderella, Sarah as Snow White, Nathan as a monster, and Ryan as a pirate (complete with one-eye glare.) The kids actually picked out their own costumes and I did not offer any input this year, which felt odd.
Our pumpkins came from Roloff Farms again. We really like their farm! The little ones felt even littler in the tall chair.
We saw giant pumpkins.
Matthew even gave birth to a pumpkin in the field, unassisted. Just kidding. Leila helped!
Hey, look! There's me! Now my children will remember I existed when they look back at old photos one day and see the (rather creepy) picture of Mommy in the eye of the pumpkin. (Am I the only mom who never gets in the pictures because I'm always taking them?)
One thing I love/hate about Washington... moss. It's so pretty but it grows on just about everything! We even had it growing on the roof of our house! But it's especially pretty when it's growing on an old stone wall.
Leila, Sarah, and I trekked up to the bridge at Multnomah Falls. It was so beautiful! All of the boys waited down below and the girls were so proud that they were brave enough to go look out over the edge of the bridge with water crashing down below.
See those people on the bridge? That's where we were.
We saw several other waterfalls that day as we visited the Columbia Gorge. It's so beautiful there!
Kids are so fascinated by water!
We found several frogs at the base of the waterfall. All six kids scrambled to be the one person hovering right over the poor, terrified frog. Well, I imagine that the frog was terrified but it didn't move, so maybe it was sleeping. Or maybe it has a half dozen froggy kids of its own and it just ignores the chaos.

It's hard to believe that we are leaving Washington next week...

...leaving the rain behind and taking some fun memories with us.
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