Monday, August 15, 2011

This Crazy Life

Life just never slows down in this house!

As seen around our house recently...

(not sure where he learned this)



(hair pulling)

(Matthew is quite obviously the ring leader)

(you can tell what kind of shoes I've been wearing lately... ignore my wonky toes)

(roses from the backyard)

(pajama party)

(my houseplant is crying)

(stop to smell the roses)

(I am totally not a fan of cut flowers, except when I get to cut them myself)

(Jason has been gone all week and having excitement of his own... a giant tree fell on the tent he's been sleeping in, but fortunately it fell during the day and nobody was hurt)

(counting the days until Jason comes home... getting ready to move... starting school... building furniture... canning fresh summer fruits... worrying about the economy... running to clear my head... still changing diapers... growing things... missing friends... trying to laugh more...)
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