Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sometimes I Ask For It

Sometimes I think I set myself up. Sometimes I ask for it.

Like when Joshua was born weighing a hefty 11 pounds and I proudly declared "That must be what it feels like to carry twins!" Ha. Not quite. And then I ate my words when my waistline expanded to carry nearly 15 pounds of babies less than 2 years later.
Or then there was the time when I assured Jason that we could never have twins again. You know, because identical twins are a fluke. And two sets of identical twins would just be impossible! Yeah, not so much. We all know how that turned out.
Or how about when I told the kids that it doesn't snow in Tacoma? I'll admit that I was a bit giddy when I realized that we are probably in for a pretty snowy winter. Of course, I also told the kids that we don't get much snow in the DC area and we somehow ended up getting blasted with storm after storm while we were there. Oops.
And then for Thanksgiving I told Jason that the kids could help me make some of the food. Because I was going to be right there, so how much mess could they really make? Apparently quite a bit. I think there are still clumps of pumpkin on the kitchen ceiling.

In a sick twist of fate, I also doomed myself to cleaning up piles of poop. We had friends over for Thanksgiving dinner and as I let our dog, Delmar, lick a plate of turkey and trimmings they asked if our dog was allowed to eat table food. And although Delmar eats a raw diet supplemented with regular dry dog food, I know that he gets his fair share of droppings from the table. I have six children so I know he eats well. However, the turkey must have been too much for him because I woke up on Black Friday to find no less than 12 steaming piles of poo waiting on the floor next to my side of the bed. Nice.
I remember on numerous occasions my mother telling me "I hope you grow up and have a child that is just like you." Well, I did it Mom. I actually outdid myself on this one. I have created the loudest, bossiest, most stubborn child ever to walk the earth. Thankfully there is only one of him, because if he had a twin I know that they'd have to commit me. Matthew may have just turned eight years old, but he already believes that he is smarter, faster, and stronger than me. He's learning some hard lessons right now. He's a sweet kid though.... when he thinks he's in charge.
(Before you ask, that is chocolate on Ryan's face. I really asked for it today when I gave them hot chocolate with their oatmeal for breakfast!)

When Jason and I decided to plan an impromptu trip to Portland (yes, again!) yesterday, we should have realized that it would turn into an adventure. I did some quick shopping (only one store because I did all of my shopping online already) and then we went to Burgerville. Tony Horton would not approve of my meal choice, but I say that it's ok to have a treat once in awhile. Peppermint chocolate milkshake, anyone?

On the way home we ended up stopping to get our Christmas tree. Jason wanted to wait but I knew it was going to rain this week and I thought we could just stop really quickly since we were passing the farm anyway. It was getting dark (so no pictures) and of course it was muddy at the tree farm. Oh, and I had not put the stroller back into the van so we were without wheels. Jason and I carried the little boys halfway across the farm before we decided to scrap the idea of cutting down our own tree like we usually do, and instead decided to grab on of the freshly cut trees that we sitting right next to the barn. Everything was great until Ryan was nearly flattened by a stray Christmas tree and Jason had to climb into the van through the window after securing the huge tree to the roof. Nothing is ever fast or easy in this family. Why can't I remember that?

And then, because I never learn my lesson, I suggested that we go to the Saturday evening church service. Although I think the evenings are the most chaotic time of the day with young children, I was hopeful that we could still enjoy the service. The last time that we attempted the Saturday evening service we didn't take the kids to the children's area and just brought them into the service with us. We made it 3/4 of the way through the service before Nathan got up and walked out of the sanctuary. By himself.
Today we put up our Christmas tree. In previous years we have used various different baby gates to protect the tree from tiny mischief makers. This year, we don't have such a great set up. Instead, I thought I was being clever by hanging the cheap, plastic ornaments (bought at Target for 90% off after last Christmas) on the bottom of the tree. We always put the glass ornaments up top. I figured the kids can touch the cheapy ornaments and not do much damage.
The tree looked quite nice for about 4 1/2 minutes.
Surprisingly, it's not just the babies that are stirring up trouble. Leila and Sarah stripped the bottom of the tree bare. They had a little bag that they were using to collect "strawberries." So much for the tree. I'm sure it will be naked by tomorrow. Or someone will knock the whole thing over. Oops... I shouldn't have said that.
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