Thursday, December 17, 2009


I got my wish! That sweet Christmas tree farmer was featured in our local newspaper!
The photographer came out and spent almost 3 hours photographing our family and he spent an entire afternoon photographing the tree farm. It was much more than I ever expected!
The photographer took hundreds of photos and in the end, this is what we saw printed in the paper for all to see...
Couldn't you just squeeze him? This our newest friend, Mr. Tree Farmer. I hope that he sells more trees this year than ever before.
I have no idea why this shot was used in the story. I guess it's just the obligatory "awwww" photo. Twins have that effect on people sometimes.
This was the best family photo that we could get that day. It was the last shot taken after almost 3 hours of trimming the tree with the photographer. I guess I'm lucky that only Ryan has his head turned away and only Leila and Matthew are giving the evil eye. Our Christmas pictures turned out much better and I'm going to share those soon.

I am so excited that Mr. Tree Farmer was newsworthy enough to be featured in the paper. I know that he was absolutely thrilled and the photographer told me that he spoke kindly of our family and recounted the stories of his own military service. What a Christmas blessing!
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