Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rocks in My Head

Yesterday morning I woke up to find Nathan in his crib, partially clothed. I put one-piece pajamas on him that zip up and I turned them backwards with the zipper in the back. Somehow he managed to get his left arm out of the neck hole and was climbing out of the jammies that way. He had pulled them down below his nipples when I caught him. Oh, and he had already taken his diaper off, but it was trapped inside his pajamas and was hanging down around his knees! How did undo the velcro without getting undressed first? I don't know. See what I'm dealing with here?
Nathan did redeem himself later in the day when he stripped naked again (again!!!!!) but pooped in the potty. I will consider that a huge success. Now that Sarah has been accident-free for more than 2 months, I am ready to potty train the terrible twosome. Or I should say, I'm ready to not have to change diapers. I wish there was a way to get to that point without me having to potty train two rambunctious boys!
Many of you have emailed me asking about my health issues and I finally have an update. Without sharing all of the boring details, here's the deal. It was mostly bad news that just kept getting worse. I wanted the doctor to stop talking because he just didn't have anything nice to say!

I'll be having surgery in either January or February and will know the exact date once the scheduler is able to get OR time booked. I will be able to have the salivary gland removed when I have the ear surgery. After initially telling me that was not an option, they had mercy on me and decided they could make it work.

I still have rocks in my head. Or in my salivary gland... whatever. The doctor removing the salivary gland has never used an intraoral approach (cutting through the floor of the mouth instead of the incision on the outside of the neck.) He said that there is nobody in the area that does it and my best bet would have been to have it done in Georgia because the doctor there is one of the best in the country. However, the doctor here will do the surgery through my mouth, but I will be his first. Ever. Kinda scary. He is hoping to be able to practice on a cadaver before my surgery, but he doesn't know for sure whether that will happen. I'm a bit nervous.

The ear surgeon had more bad news for me. He thinks that I may have a cholesteatoma in my right ear. He won't know until he does the surgery and sees what it looks like in there. I am going to need a second surgery on the right ear to replace the tiny bones in my ear that have been destroyed. They'll put in titanium prosthetic bones a few months after the first surgery. Then, my left ear will need surgery too. It's basically the same issue on that side, only less severe. The ear drum has negative pressure sucking it in against the tiny bones. Placing a tube will not help at this point. The doctor wants to fix the right ear first and then he will decide what approach to use on the left ear.

As for the dizziness, they don't think it is related to my ears. The doctor still can't do any formal vestibular testing until the ear is fixed, but said that the dizziness is probably neurological. I'm pretty irritated, as I was hoping the ear surgery would fix everything and now I feel like I'm back to square one. I do have another MRI in May, so maybe they will be able to tell me more then.

I'll update again when I know more.
Last night I went to my first Parents of Multiples meeting here in Washington. It's official: I have scared the newbie twin parents! Actually, I'm hoping that at some point I am able to encourage some of the new parents when they feel overwhelmed. I wish I had enough time to dive right back in with volunteer work, but I have to take it slow right now.

Maybe I'll be able to do more when I get these rocks out of my head!
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