Monday, October 25, 2010

We Needed This

Despite my reservations about taking a family vacation right now, I'm actually glad we are in San Diego. I had heard that sometimes it is not a good idea to take a vacation soon after a deployment, but I think we needed this. Jason really, really wanted to go to San Diego and he confessed that he was jealous of the adventures he missed out on this summer. He wanted so badly to have been there with us as we made our way across the country. (And even though it was chaos in the camper, I'm sure he'd take that over Iraq any day.)

We have had a great time driving down through California and we even saw snow in the mountains. It's been rainy for the whole trip so far, but now that we're in San Diego that should change.

Today we took the crew to the zoo. We only heard one obnoxious comment so I consider that a successful outing. The kids had a great time and I got great workout pushing "The Beast" up and down the steep trails. The San Diego Zoo is fantastic, which says a lot coming from me. I always compare every zoo we visit to the National Zoo, and usually they all fall short. The San Diego Zoo doesn't! (Although the National Zoo is free!)

I think my kids' favorite part of the day today was seeing the polar bears playing in the water. They were doing flips and wrestling and they are just so big!

Did you know that the numbers of twins are dwindling? (Clearly, this only applies to polar bears.)

Our campsite has a huge playground, so Jason took the kids to have some special fun time together while I cooked dinner. Don't get me wrong, things are just as chaotic and loud as ever, but this is so much fun. We can almost forget about spending so much time apart. We needed this.
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