Monday, September 27, 2010

The Incredible Journey (Part 7)

It seems so weird to be posting this now. It feels like this was years ago, not just last month.

Here are some highlights from Wisconsin...
Nathan's black eye started to fade into a pretty shade of green. (He hit his cheek bone at my sister-in-law's house in Virginia.)

We got new camper tires on our way into Wisconsin from Chicago. That was such a relief! I was terrified to have another blowout.

Wisconsin was (not surprisingly) full of dairy farms. A lot of dairy farms.

And then, at some point, we were driving through the woods and into the wilderness. I thought we must be close to Canada when we finally arrived at our campground.

Fort McCoy had the best campground we stayed at during our trip! It was beautiful and secluded. The kids had a great time running and playing.

And I did laundry, with a little help from Matthew. He likes to turn the crank on the "washing machine."
For dinner, I grilled chicken over the fire pit. It felt like real camping!
Then we roasted s'mores over the fire. We made a sticky mess and had a great time.

In the morning, Matthew and Joshua helped me "dump the poo" before we hit the road. It was really more like them watching me empty the tanks and giggling at the thought of poo going through the sewer hose.
The big boys were also tickled to see the signs for tanks crossing the road. And we did see a lot of tanks!

But mostly we saw farms.
And I giggled because I wore my "dairy fairy" shirt that day.

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