Monday, July 05, 2010

Our Day in Pictures

Our 4th of July went something like this...
*church in the morning, where I embarrassed myself by getting emotional when they had military members stand up during the service*
*quick trip to Target for a few items to put into the last care package we are sending to Jason*
*lunch... and watermelon*
*hooping in the backyard*
*laundry... no day is complete without it*
*baking festive cookies for the kids to decorate*
*more silliness while I cleaned up in preparation for another showing, although the realtor no-showed and I thought about giving him a piece of my mind but had to restrain myself because it would not have been pretty*
*more silliness*
*waiting for the fireworks to start*
*all decked out in jammies and ready to watch the fireworks*
*finally enjoying the show and then rushing like crazy to get back home and beat the traffic*
*two sweet girls passed out on the floor together*

How about you? What did you do to celebrate?
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