Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not Enough Hours In A Day

In addition to the incredible oversight in creating mothers with only two hands, when clearly at least four are indicated, God also failed to provide enough hours in a day. How He created the heavens and the earth so quickly is beyond me. I can't even wash all of our laundry that fast.

I canot seem to get enough done during the day. Each day I run around like a chicken with my head cut off and then suddenly look down and realize it's 8pm.

Here I am, still stuck in Georgia. In the heat. With no air conditioning. And no Internet. Or phone. Because I was supposed to leave on Friday (which quickly became Tuesday and is now who-knows-when) I cut off some of the utilities. Oops.

My air conditioning is broken. Or something. It's not cooling again and it has a foul odor. And I showered for church today so I know it's not me.

We actually came out to the camper to sit in the air conditioning for awhile. Does anyone else see the irony in my whining about a too-small house and the fact that we are now going to be living in a camper that is roughly the size of my current bathroom?

Tomorrow will be a day of errands, followed by countless other tasks around the house. And someday soon I will finally be on the road. Wish me luck! Or are you supposed to say Bon voyage? Or break a leg? Second thought, don't tell me to break a leg. (my luck and all)

Typing blog posts on my phone screen makes me feel like a giant with really huge fingers.
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