Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Just Gave Birth In My Mouth

Yes, it's true.

I gave birth in my mouth. Again.

And, as several people have pointed out already, it's twins.

I know you can't wait to meet them, so here is a picture. Baby A is on the left, Baby B on the right.
Baby A was just over 1/8 inch long, while Baby B was just over 1/4 inch long. I suspect it may be another case of TTTS.

I'm very pleased to report that I am feeling much better, aside from the stitches, a hematoma, and the draining infection.

The doctor made a generous incision and attempted a vacuum delivery. When that failed, he used forceps. Once Baby A was out, Baby B shot right out behind him. Sweet, sweet relief.

Of course, until I have a permanent surgical procedure done, I'll continue to produce more of these guys. In fact, there are a few more growing in there right now that the doctor left behind.

But for now, I'm feeling good.

And I'm about 5 pounds lighter.
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