Monday, July 19, 2010

The Hits Just Keep Coming!

In a nutshell, things are just falling apart today.

This was supposed to be a fun week since the big boys had music camp at church. That's not happening now. Matthew is having another round of the mystery headaches so we had to stay home.

As I was fixing breakfast the kids informed me that Sarah had locked a baby in the bedroom... which would not be a big deal if someone hadn't lost my keys a few weeks ago. I could have kicked in the door (like I did in our house in Virginia) but I am thinking that wouldn't be a big selling point for the realtor. Instead, I spent 20 minutes picking the lock and apologizing to Nathan through the door for it taking so long to get him out.

And as a special added bonus, my salivary gland is so infected now that I'm unable to swallow. After a few calls to the military hospital and the civilian hospital downtown, it looks I'll be having surgery to remove the stones (not the whole gland yet) today or tomorrow. Or something. Should be fun.

And now I have to go take care of my sweet boy who just yesterday was a laugh riot...
...because today he can't sit upright because his head hurts so much.

I think someone just doesn't want us to leave Georgia because this is getting ridiculous. Every road block possible has been put in my path, it seems. Doesn't matter to me though... Jason is coming home and I will get to Washington, come hell or high water!
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