Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Where We're At

Is it really June already? How can that be? I was supposed to be getting ready to leave Georgia by now and instead, I feel like I'm just getting settled. Maybe that means something. Or maybe not.
It's now been over 4 weeks since my "mystery" illness began. And honestly, I'm more perplexed now than I was 4 weeks ago. Go figure.

I had an appointment with the ENT clinic on Friday for, among other things, a repeat hearing screening. Because, in addition to my other weird quirks, I also suffer from hearing loss in one ear. Or at least it was just one ear. And now it's both! It's a huge, long story but the short version is that I've always suffered from chronic ear infections. As a result, I have a hole in my eardrum that needs to be repaired. Four years ago I was going to have it fixed but then I had twins... and then I had twins again... and then Jason left... and you know the rest.

Because I never had the ear surgery, I still have hearing loss in that ear. And now the other ear has something going on with the eardrum too and they are going to need to put in a tube. In the meantime, the doctor suggested that I use hearing aids. Seriously?! Because my house is so loud already that if I'm not hearing how loud it really is right now, I'm scared. I'd rather just not hear.
In the midst of all the hearing aid talk, the doctor asked if my PCM had discussed the results of my MRI with me. I told him that nobody has discussed them but that I had a copy of the MRI images and my medical records. And that the neurologist had never mentioned anything to me. But apparently, this concerned the doctor. He told me that the lesion in my brain could be something very serious. Lesion? Huh? I thought it was an "infarct?" But apparently I am not a neurologist, nor a doctor. Imagine that. The doctor told me to get a second opinion from a good neurologist right away so they can determine what the spot is on the MRI.

Tomorrow morning I'm seeing a new neurologist who miraculously had appointments available immediately. This time I'm going to ask him to explain everything. It's a shame that nobody tells me anything about my own body. I wouldn't even know about the MRI results if I hadn't driven to the hospital and gotten a copy of the records myself. Hopefully I'll be getting answers soon. Next week I see the cardiologist. If there's no answer after that I'm just going to check myself into the nearest mental hospital for a little vacation.

Currently, I'm coping with my stress by eating. Oh, wait... that's what I always do.

I still crave Hershey Kisses but I'm also enjoying pie. A friend dropped off a fresh strawberry pie and I sure did consume every last bite of it myself. I did not share with the kids. In fact, I told them it was a grownup pie and you had to be at least 18 to eat it.
And since I'm older than 18 (ahem, much older) I felt no shame in scarfing the whole pie myself. No shame, folks.
That's where we're at... but hey, we're all still smiling!
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