Thursday, June 03, 2010

We Have the Plague

If you know me then you know that in my life, when it rains it pours. Actually, it doesn't just pour. It floods. Like a flood of biblical proportions.

The last week has been no different... just one thing after another!

The kids have had this cough & runny nose thing going on for awhile now. At the end of last week it started escalating into a really nasty cough. Then the pukoughing started. Or maybe I should call it coughurling. It goes like this- cough, cough, COUGH, hurl. Repeat.

It's struck down each child, one by one. Some get fevers, some don't. Some complained of sore throats, some didn't. But they all had the same horrid cough and the resulting gag & puke. Lovely!

If you live nearby and you haven't heard from us or seen us in awhile, now you know why. We have the plague. Beware.

Yesterday, despite the plague, I had a very productive neurologist appointment. I had planned to bring the kids with me into the appointment because they're sick and I couldn't call anyone to come watch them. I don't want to pass our germs to our friends! Instead, I ended up taking them and my awesome friend Joy (who doesn't have any little, little kids) sat in her car next to mine in the parking lot. I didn't want her sitting in our van because I'm sure it was a festering cesspool of cooties. She happily obliged and kept a watchful eye on my heathens from the comfort (and quiet) of her car.
Essentially, I really don't have any new information from the neurologist. But I am still very, very glad that I opted to get a second opinion. Although he still wants me to see a cardiologist, he also thinks there is something neurological going on as well. He's not sure what yet, but he's going to run some tests next week. He told me that he can't say that it's not MS, but that to diagnose it from the MRI he would have to see more than one lesion and fortunately, I only have that one lesion. He said it could be a lesion from MS or from a stroke or seizure or something like that. He does not think I'm having seizures, but he ordered an EEG just to be sure. The other test he's doing is a VEP and he said if that was abnormal, he would think it's MS. It could be dysautonomia or some other type of autonomic nervous system dysfunction. One way or another, I'll have some answers next week.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep up with the sickies and just trying to survive. Today I dragged my coughing crew to the store because I feared they might all die of starvation if I didn't replenish our supply of cereal and bananas. Luckily their coughs are not too bad during the day, so they only sound awful at night. We were in and out of the store fast and I managed to get all of the groceries put away in time for lunch and naps.

Yes, it's nap time now. And I need to go do something productive... like sanitize my house.
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