Monday, April 26, 2010

It's the Little Things

(waking up, rolling over, and smelling Ryan's sweet blonde hair as he cuddles close to me in bed)

(pulling the covers over my head and wishing for just one more minute of sleep)
(a hot vanilla latte, freshly brewed in my own kitchen and enjoyed in my favorite purple mug)

(the smell outside in the incredibly humid, warm, morning air)

(seeing my daughter sleeping peacefully on the floor while 2 Daddy dolls stand guard beside her)

(the sounds of six children waking up and their endless energy, no matter how early it may be)
(catching a glimpse of Joshua's face and the way my heart flutters because he reminds me so much of his daddy)

(the incredible sense of accomplishment I feel when I manage to get all 7 of us out the door and to church on time and the way it boosts my spirits to worship at this wonderful church again)
(a new friendship and the sweet friend that makes me feel as though we have known each other forever)

(an iced cherry mocha shared with that sweet friend)

(old friendships that are rekindled)

(the incredible generosity of others that has come in the form of mattresses, chairs, and the upcoming arrival of a sofa, and help with lawn work)

(a Friday night of "adult time" after the kids are in bed and the resulting mosquito bites from laughing outside a little too long)

(realizing that the end of this week will usher in the month of May and we are getting *that much* closer to Jason's return)
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