Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can I Just Catch My Breath First?

Do you ever feel like life is happening so fast that you just need to take a minute and rest? Like you need a breather?

Yeah, me too.
My average day is pretty insane, what with homeschooling, diaper changes, meal preparation, laundry, dishes, dressing children, hygiene stuff, nursing babies, etc. You get the idea. What I don't need is more on my to-do list. Like, say, selling a house!

But here I am, going 100 miles an hour and holding on for dear life!
Yesterday I got a phone call from a realtor who wanted to stop by to preview my house. In 5 minutes. I had already planned to take the kids to the store to buy birthday gifts for the girls from my mom and grandma. So I frantically threw the kids (and the dog) in the van and grabbed my mop. I did a quick clean up and we were on our way. The good news is that realtor thought her client would like our house. The great news is that she asked to come back (with the client) and show the house that evening.

My plans went out the window and I came back to the house for a more thorough cleaning. Then I hauled the kids to the store and grabbed a pizza for dinner. We made it home and I was tempted to lock the children in a bedroom so the house would stay as clean and smell as fresh as it did when we walked back through the door. But I resisted the urge and instead readied them for bed and tucked them in, one by one. Then I stood and appreciated the fabulousness of a spotless house. (I assure you, it will be wrecked by 7:30am.)
I'm not holding out any hope that yesterday's showing will result in The Offer. But, at least I got my daily dose of crazy.

Isn't selling a house fun? I know I'm not the only one who runs around spraying Febreeze and stalking my own house from down the street.

Does anyone stay sane under these conditions? Please, warn me now. I haven't had to sell a house since Matthew was little. I tried to block that last experience from my mind. Oh, the trauma.
Today my mom is driving down to Georgia with the rest of my stuff... like my check book, the rest of my clothes, and some more of the kids' books. She's now visited me more times in Georgia than she did in the first 4 months I was in Virginia. Ironic, isn't it?

I still feel like I'm trapped on some sick amusement park ride. Things are topsy-turvy and my head is spinning just a bit. Things are happening so fast! Leila and Sarah turn 4 tomorrow. Tomorrow!!!

Hold it. Pause. I need a second. Can I just catch my breath first?
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