Friday, December 11, 2009

Will You Pray?


My grandmother is stable and she will not need surgery on her arm. There is a plastic surgeon coming in to consult with her about the broken nose and crushed sinus cavity. She also shattered the bone around her right eye. She had 4 internal stitches there and 7 on the outside. She has a lot of bruising and scrapes but seems to have avoided any major issues with her brain and such. What a miracle!

Here's the best part... She was up on the roof, in the freezing cold, hanging Christmas lights. She stepped down onto the ladder and somehow fell. She must have hit her head on the ladder on the way down. She lost consciousness and was bleeding, laying on the ground. There was nobody there. Her husband was at the store and she lives on 5 wooded acres of land so it's very secluded. Nobody was around to help her and she could have gone into shock. But when she regained consciousness she clearly heard a voice say "You are alright." She heard it again. Three times she heard a distinct voice say "You are alright." She replied "I am ok" and she got up and walked into the house. She had no use of her right arm and was bleeding badly from her injuries. I've never been spoken to by God, or angels, or whoever... and I've never known anyone who has either. But I agree with her conclusion that someone (an angel?) reassured her so that she could find the strength to get up. It's a miracle in my eyes and it gives me goosebumps!

Hopefully she'll make a full recovery and my mom has agreed to confiscate my grandmother's ladders. And I'm going to insist that she calls me the next time she needs to go up on the roof.


My almost 84-year old grandmother fell yesterday. She was on her roof (!!!) putting up her Christmas lights and fell about 7 feet off of the ladder. She broke her nose, crushed her sinus cavity, fractured her wrist, and had to get quite a few stitches. She's ok... relatively speaking. She actually went inside and changed clothes before she called 911.

My grandmother is an incredible, incredible lady. You guys want to know where I got my determination? It's from her. You would never believe the things that she has done at her age. She builds things, does cement work, does construction around her 5 acre property, and of course she built that fabulous 2-story playhouse in the picture above. She's beaten breast cancer. She's beaten skin cancer. She's raised 3 daughters by herself. My children adore her. She means the world to me, and she's like a mother to me. Please, please will you pray for her?

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