Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rewind, Rewind

Do you ever just wish you could hit rewind? Go back and relive a special moment or go back to a time when life was simpler?

Every so often I feel like periods of my life are passing so fast that I can't even stop to appreciate my life for what it is right now. Of course with 6 kids I don't think there are enough hours in any day for me to actually sit and think.

We are still in Florida and I realized today that Jason will be leaving in one week. I have been having so much fun that I almost managed to forget about his approaching deployment. Can't I just close my eyes and pretend it's not happening?

Since we're having so much fun, I can scarcely find the time to wash laundry and cook meals, let alone blog about anything. Today I had planned to dig up an old post and when I went into my archives I found a post from November 18, 2008 that had my favorite photos of the kids. I just had to repost those photos!

Just one year ago, Nathan and Ryan were still tiny. They still smelled new. These days they are taking their first steps (well, just Nathan...) and starting to talk. If I could rewind, I'd go back to having two cuddly newborns. Those were the days!
Matthew and Joshua alternate between best friends and arch enemies. On one fall day last year they were best friends in this picture. Today they fought a few times and then had fun playing together, then fighting again. I never know what they'll be up to each day.

Leila hasn't changed much since last year but of course Nathan has changed a lot. Leila is still the princess, the drama queen, the emotional diva and the cautious, high-maintenance sweetheart. She cried today after riding a child-sized roller coaster. She hates to get dirty. She is just a sweet, girly, little thing.
Sarah is much the same as she was one year ago. Heck, the girls can still wear their 18-24 month sized clothes! Sarah is a rough-and-tumble tomboy but she has a girly streak too. She loves princesses and pink but she also loves to play in the mud and run with the boys. Today she rode the same roller coaster that Leila rode, but Sarah laughed the whole way and then rode it again. They may be identical twins, but their personalities are total opposites!

A year ago, this was my life. And now, I'm here with the same half dozen kiddos as we prepare to say good-bye to Daddy yet again. Florida is great and I can't wait to get home and share more about our trip. So much fun!!!!!

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