Thursday, August 20, 2009

Questions About Twins

I get asked a lot of questions about what it's like to have twins. People are naturally curious. I also get a lot of questions from new moms who are expecting twins. I certainly don't pretend to know it all, but here are some answers to some common twin questions.

"What equipment came (or would have come) in handy with caring for your twinfants?"

Boobs! They are indispensable! Can't live without 'em!

Actually, my Arm's Reach Co-sleeper was very handy. Although we have a king size bed, we also had 2 toddlers who frequently slept in our bed when our first set of twins arrived. Likewise, we also had twins toddlers in our bed when our baby twins arrived. It was nice to have that extra space at my end of the bed where I could lay a baby down and not worry about which baby was where. I just rolled over, grabbed the hungry baby and then switched them after they nursed. It might sound crazy but it worked!

"What are some of your favorite things that your twins do with/for each other?"
I love to watch Leila and Sarah play pretend together. They are both so girly and it's a change for me in a house full of boys. They like to pretend to be mommies or princesses and they interact so well with each other. I love how they play together and work together to accomplish tasks. Nathan and Ryan are just starting to pay attention to each other. They play together and knock over towers of blocks and laugh uncontrollably. But my favorite thing is when I'm nursing them and they hold hands. It always reminds me of what a huge blessing it is to have twins (twice!)

"What are your twins' favorite books?"
Leila and Sarah love "Beauty and the Beast" from Usborne Books because of the exquisite artwork. They also like any fairy tale that mentions the word "princess." Nathan and Ryan are far less particular. They appreciate anything they hear but especially like to eat the pages of any good book.

"What is the one question/comment you dread getting the most, when out with your twins?"
I dread being asked if they are twins. Is it not obvious? Even when I just had one set people asked. Both of my sets are identical so it seems pretty clear to me that they must be twins. If they weren't the same size, sex, and age I could understand the need to ask. People often ask if Matthew and Joshua are twins and that doesn't bother me as much because they don't look alike but are the same size so I can see how a person might wonder. Honestly, the nice questions don't usually bother me but they do get to be annoying when I'm in a hurry.

"Are they all yours" Who else would they belong to if they weren't mine?

"Three sets of twins?" No, just two!

"Do they run in your family?" The girls run, the babies crawl.
"What are the odds of that?" 1 in 70,000 or so I'm told.

"Did you do fertility treatments?" No, but would it matter if I did?

"Are they identical?" Do they look alike?

"How do you tell them apart?" I have super powers. Obviously!

"You have your hands full." Ok, I change my mind. This is definitely the comment I dread most. If I had $1 for every time I heard this... let's just say my kids would all be going to college on those funds.

No, I don't spout off any of these snarky comments when I am asked questions in public. I'm very gracious and I smile a lot while trying to slowly back away and make my escape. I only have a sassy comeback when I am asked things like "Don't you know what causes that?" (Yes, and we're really, really good at it!)

"How often, if ever, do you dress your twins alike?"
I admit that I am guilty of dressing my kids alike. I dress my singletons alike, I dress the twin girls alike, and I dress the twin boys alike. Sometimes they pick out different outfits but usually they like to match. It makes my laundry easier because I always know what I have and never have to wonder which outfit is for which child. It also makes shopping easier-two of everything! It has made hand-me-downs very convenient since Matthew and Joshua have matching sets hat can go to Nathan and Ryan. And I do most of my shopping at our local twins club consignment sale so buying in pairs is perfect!

"What is the biggest mess your twins have ever made?"
I don't think I can answer this one. Just yesterday Sarah pooped on the floor and picked it up and carried to the toilet. She dropped it in, did not flush, washed her hands in the toilet water and then dried them with toilet paper. I am not kidding. This is the kind of crap I deal with on a daily basis! (No pun intended!) The girls have a sick fascination with the toilet and have always enjoyed watching it overflow. They have also painted with poop and once emptied an entire bottle of baby powder all over the bathroom. They are freakishly mischievous and it drives me insane! I can't keep up with them. Messes seem to follow them wherever they go. I'm in big trouble if Nathan and Ryan are even a fraction as crazy as these girls. Help!

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