Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm Pooped!

It's been an exhausting week!

We haven't had much trouble adjusting to the time change going from Eastern time to Arizona (currently Pacific) time. It's been a little tougher to get the little ones to nap at the usual times. Nathan and Ryan have been particularly cranky and miserable but are finally starting to settle down now.
Today the repair man came to fix the water heater so we finally have hot water! Yes, we have lived with no hot water all week. And no dishwasher. The dishwasher still hasn't been connected so I'm stuck washing dishes by hand. I can tell you this- I would not have survived before they invented dishwashers. My back is breaking after just 30 minutes of washing! I must be a wuss or something!

One thing that's really wearing me out is the heat at night that makes it so uncomfortable. I try to sleep but with 4 of us in a (tiny) bed it is very difficult. We're all drenched in sweat. You Arizona girls are better women than me. I need my air conditioning. This swamp cooler stuff is just not cutting it for me. Any of you want to share your tips for staying cool at night? I need some sleep!

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