Monday, July 27, 2009

Ghost Towns

This is the little town of Bisbee, Arizona. We've been seeking out ghost towns lately and we headed to Bisbee to see what we could find.
Bisbee is known for its copper mine and the kids enjoyed climbing all over the old mining equipment. Matthew was not up for any photo ops because he had to pee really bad and I wouldn't let him go in the middle of town. He wanted to drop trow and mark his territory on a huge cactus right next to the street. I made him wait until we got to a side street. (Remember what I said about peeing out of the side of the van? I wasn't kidding.)
Once Matthew was relieved we headed to the historic stairs near the edge of town. There are huge staircases like this all over Bisbee because the entire town was built into the mountains. Of course my boys wanted to climb the stairs (and I could use the exercise) so up we went. When we reached the top Joshua had to pee. Of course.
It was quite a climb, although Jason insists it was not as high as the Exorcist stairs in Georgetown. I think it may be about the same. And I should know since I used to hang out on those stairs every weekend when I was a teenager. You can't get a better view!The view from the Bisbee stairs was not quite as impressive as the view of our nation's capitol. However, it did make our van appear to be the size of a tiny Matchbox car. The Bisbee stairs may not have been something from a scene out of "The Exorcist" but I'll venture a guess that this little ghost town has a few haunts of its own.The girls checked out the stairs too but would much rather pose for pictures than go exploring. And fortunately neither of them had to pee.

Look out, Arizona! The traveling circus has arrived! Watch out, Bisbee! Your narrow, steep, and winding roads are no match for our monster van. Your historic paths and quaint shops will be conquered by "The Beast." My kids will terrorize your town much more than any lingering spirits from the days of the old west.
We ain't afraid of no ghost town.

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