Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Traveling Circus

Since I'm still riding the high from my successful shopping trips, I have started planning our upcoming trips. I've been putting off the actual planning part because it stressed me out just to think about it. But since my hair is already falling out in clumps (thanks, post partum hormones) I figured, what's the worst that can happen? (Seriously though, I am losing my hair like crazy here!) So, the planning has begun for what I'll call the Twinsanity Traveling Circus Summer Tour '09.

The first stop on the tour is the beautiful Ft. Benning, GA, featuring breathtaking views of... pine trees. That's about it. We will be spending a long holiday weekend there next month in the hopes of seeing Jason again. This time I'm not driving back and forth in one day. I'm not crazy! No, this time I'll be spending 2 nights in a tiny hotel room with 6 kids instead. Of course this all dependent upon whether Jason is allowed to see us.

Our next leg of the journey will be another trip up to Virginia. This time I'm planning to leave from Ft. Benning, the day after we finish our visit with Jason. This trip should be extra exciting because I'm going to be looking at houses to buy. Although, maybe I should do what some people do and forget the realtor. I could just climb in through the unlocked windows and tour the homes myself! Although, it won't really be by myself because the kids are coming along too. Call it the ultimate test for a potential new home- 6 kids traipsing through the place with a preoccupied mother and realtor. If the house survives intact, we buy it!

I'm timing my trip to Virginia so that it coincides with the Mothers of Multiples Consignment Sale. I'm hoping to score some clothes for the summer. I love the MOMs sales because I can buy everything in pairs! In our house, everything comes in twos- even the clothes.

I'll have a little break from the traveling tour in mid-March. Then we'll hit the road again at the end of the month. This time I'm headed back to Ft. Benning for Jason's OCS Ball and graduation. Which means I need to figure out a way to cram my out-of-shape bod into my little size 4 ball gown. I only own 1 gown so my options are to lose 27 pounds by the end of March or wrap myself in burlap. I think Jason would prefer I just get back in shape. I am really going to miss my Hershey's Kisses though.

After Jason's graduation we'll take another trip to Virginia. But this time the tour doesn't stop there. While Jason travels to Oklahoma for his next class, I'll be headed to New England. This time I won't be alone since my mother and grandmother are coming along. Will this be good or bad? I'll let you know.

We're renting a cottage in Rhode Island to visit my aunt. We'll also go to see the estate where my grandmother grew up in Massachusetts. And I'm definitely going to be planning a visit with my internet friend of 7 years, whom I have never met in person. I consider her to be one of my best friends even though we've never met face to face. It should be exciting!

I have no idea what happens after the New England leg of the tour. It depends on whether our house here has sold by then. (Please, please let it sell!) But I'll be going home to somewhere, wherever that may be, and taking a break for a couple of weeks.

The next stop on the tour is Colorado. By way of Tennessee and Oklahoma. Hopefully we can visit Jason as he finishes up class at Ft. Sill before we get to Colorado. My dad lives in Denver and has a weekend house in the mountains near the ski resorts. He has offered to let me and the kids stay there for a few weeks and we can't pass up that offer!

If the timing is right, we'll head straight from Colorado to Arizona. Jason's last class is in Arizona and we'll try to visit him one more time. I also have a good friend (and fellow Army wife) who is stationed there so we'll get to see each there again. It should be great!

As the tour wraps up, we'll be driving back home. Wherever home may be... either Virginia or Georgia. We'll have a few weeks to rest and then we'll head out on the final leg of the tour. The big trip to Washington. The kids and I are planning to drive out with Jason and stay a few weeks. Then we'll go back to Virginia until he returns from his deployment. (Sometime in 2011??)

It sounds like a lot, but I know we'll have a blast. My kids love to travel! Matthew has been to more than 30 states already. We've driven from Virginia to California to Texas to Colorado to Georgia to Canada and everywhere in between. It will be crazy but 2009 will be a year we never forget! I'm excited just thinking about it!

Watch out folks. The Twinsanity Traveling Circus may be coming to a city near you. You will recognize the huge, silver van. I'll be the topless bald lady in the parking lot with 2 boys peeing out the side door. You can't miss me.

That's right, the Traveling circus might be coming to a city near you.

(And this picture has nothing to do with my post but I just found it and was remembering the days when L & S were this little.)
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