Sunday, April 26, 2009


Anyone want to guess where we went on Saturday?

Here's a hint:

Here's a bigger hint:For those of you who live in the area, I'm sure that you know about The Varsity. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll spare you the need to click on the link and just tell you that we spent the day in Atlanta.

This past weekend was the ICAN conference and this year it was held in Atlanta. Seeing as how that's only 2 hours from me and I'm a chapter leader and I drove all the way to Syracuse, NY for the last conference, I figured I had better attend. Even though I was unsure about dealing with the flood of emotion that washes over me when I think about my last birth. Even though I knew people would talk about their births, their lost babies, and various personal tragedies.

I went. And I'm so glad I did.

I hadn't even finished checking in at the registration desk and I could tell that it would be an emotional day. It was. I didn't have the good cry that I have been holding in for almost 8 months but I did get some hugs from friends who understand. I talked with women who I greatly admire and reconnected with women who I haven't seen since the last conference. I even talked to a mom who thanked me because I talked with her when she was pregnant and she gave birth to her (breech) twins at home. That made me feel great!

While I was at the conference with the babies Jason took the other kids to play at the park, among other things. They got some much-needed daddy time and Jason got a much-needed break from the babies. Thankfully the babies were great throughout the day and I was able to sit through each conference session. It was a complete opposite of the last conference when the girls were nearly a year old and were holy terrors. I spent most of that conference outside in the hall.

I wish I could have met up with some of local gals while I was in Atlanta. Are any of you going to the LLL conference this weekend?

I have a ton of half-finished posts that I'm going to get around to posting soon. But for now I need to go finish icing two birthday cakes for my not-so-little girls!

P.S.- Guess who decided to pull up to standing on Saturday? Ok, I'll tell you. It was Ryan! What is with these babies? They crawled before they were even sitting up and now they're going to take off and walk!? I'm so not ready for this yet!
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