Thursday, April 09, 2009

OCS Ball

Here are a few pictures from the OCS Ball. The dress I ended up wearing was this long, chocolate BCBG gown. The price was a steal and better yet, it actually fit me. I never went to prom but I can tell you that this was way better than prom. Heck, it was actually better than our wedding!

If you could overlook the spit up and wet spots on my dress, thank you. I really did try to clean myself up. At least I had pretty hair! It was a nice change from my typical ponytail.We spent the evening at the historic River Mill in downtown Columbus, GA. It was absolutely gorgeous. Despite the pouring rain that plagued us throughout our entire trip, it was still a beautiful night. Great food, great company, and a great culmination of the hard work of all of the OCS graduates.

Best of all, it was a night with my husband. It's honestly one of only a handful (literally) of dinners we've enjoyed together sans children in the last 6 years. And this time I was actually able to relax and enjoy myself knowing that the children were just a few feet away being cared for in another room. It was just perfect!

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