Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is Me Banging My Head on the Desk

The little snide comments continue and yet I try to maintain my composure. My mom just does not seem to enjoy having us around. She is so grumpy with the kids! It is amazing to see the sharp contrast between my mother and father.

Last night my dad arrived from Denver. We took the kids out to dinner at Red Robin and had a great time! My dad is head over heels in love with my family. He could spend days on end taking Matthew and Joshua out to ride bikes or go for a hike. He loves to get down on the floor and wrestle or play cars. He treats Leila and Sarah like the princesses they are of course. He even wants to hold the babies and play with them. Is it any surprise that my kids absolutely adore him?

Today we were supposed to go to church with my mom. She still attends the church I grew up in and I always visit when we come back home to Virginia. My mom left early to go to the first service and I was here trying to get all of the kids ready by myself. Needless to say, I was running late. I had all 6 kids dressed and ready to go on time but couldn't find Sarah's other shoe and so I was searching everywhere. And I was still in my jammies. My mom desperately wanted to show off the kids so I actually drove up to church in my pjs and dropped off the 4 older kids. Then I came back to her house and got myself dressed and brought the babies back up (in the snow flurries) to let everyone see them. My mom was thrilled and so she was in a good mood today. That made all of the hassle totally worth it, trust me.

I have been trying to read all of the comments and emails I've had over the last few days but I'm not having much luck. I can only get on the computer late at night when everyone is bed. If I do it any other time my mom makes snarky comments. I sometimes sit at the computer when I'm nursing the babies but even then I can feel that I'm being watched. Always under scrutiny. So, I apologize that I'm not as present as I'd like to be right now. Unfortunately my online friends are usually what keep me sane so my mental health may be suffering. I've been forced to consume massive quantities of chocolate. Sometimes it's just a slice of chocolate cake but tonight it was my mom's mint chocolate brownies. Gotta love my mom and her penchant for sweets! Forget fitting into a ball gown. I've given up on that!

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It's a random picture from 2006 when we were at Myrtle Beach. I can't download any of my photos onto my mom's computer so I'm stealing hers. I found this on my mom's computer and decided to share it despite the fact that I look like I have no hair. It's that perpetual ponytail thing. The girls were about 4 months old when we took this picture. Yesterday I packed up those same little bathing suits they had on so I could take them to the consignment sale. (The sale is at Chantilly High School on Saturday, Feb. 28th at 9am for you Northern Virginia gals!)

Does anyone think it would be funny to see what my mom would do if she saw me nursing Leila and Sarah? I've thought about whipping it out and nursing them in front of her just to see if I could make her eyes pop out of her head. I could guarantee you that I would never hear the end of that. So tempting though...

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