Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Eye Is Twitching

Joshua pretty much sums up how I feel today.

My house is a wreck today. I didn't have enough patience for the boys to finish their lessons. The girls clogged the toilet again- this time with rubber duckies! All I could do was laugh. Probably not the best solution but it worked at the time.

Jason called last night to talk about his career options. He thinks I should take the house off the market and wait to see what happens. He doesn't think I should move to Virginia until we find out whether he's going to deploy with his new unit in the spring. I don't know what to think. On the one hand, I trust that God has a reason for sending us wherever we get sent. On the other hand, I know I can't do 2 years without Jason. This single parenting stuff is hard! So now I'm waiting to see what happens. For now, the house is on the market. He's going to talk to his commander this week. Her has mentioned staying in Georgia. I mentioned losing my mind.

He laughed.

And I did this....
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