Monday, January 05, 2009

Random Facts and Answered Questions

In an effort to distract myself from what is coming, I'm reorganizing the house and preparing for our eventual move. I am excited to be moving but part of me is so sad to leave behind the home where L & S were born. When Jason leaves on Friday it will be his last time living with us in this house.

Today I am just going to answer some questions and leave you with some random info that you never knew you wanted to know!

Where did we get the loft bed? We bought it at Ikea on Saturday. Our boys wanted a bunk bed but there was no way I was trusting them not to kill themselves on a real bunk bed. So we made this little loft bed into a mini bunk bed. It's the perfect height for them!

For those wondering about the upcoming move, here's the scoop. We haven't sold our house here (GA) yet. Jason has orders to report to Ft. Lewis, WA when he finishes school. His unit there is scheduled to deploy a few months after he arrives. I don't want to be 3,000 miles from family so I'm moving back to VA until he returns from his deployment. Our entire family (except for my dad in Denver) lives in the Washington, DC metro area. That's where Jason and I call home.

If you're curious about how I find time to blog, here's my secret. I don't sleep. Really. When Jason is gone I have nightmares and so I usually stay up until the wee hours of the morning before finally collapsing in exhaustion. Then I get up at 7am and do it all again. I also am guilty of scheduling my posts in advance as well.

How to climb a door frame? Well that is a question for my boys. And they are certainly experts at it by now. The can shimmy up just about anything. I think Jason has monkey in his DNA.

Do I work with a doula network in my area? No, but I wish I did. Then I could actually attend births right now! I have done a lot of work in my area to try and start networking among birth activists. In December of 2007 I hosted a showing of The Business of Being Born through my ICAN chapter. From there things took off. Another birth activist in my area started a birth network and Trust Birth meetings. It's ironic that I worked so hard to make changes here and now, just when things start happening, I am leaving. I'm sad that I'll have to start all over again in VA. I have a great reputation here and I've worked hard for that.

For those who have offered to pray for me, I thank you. I am confident that the Lord will get me through this next year. It won't be easy but I've just got to trust in that right now.

About the whole birthday thing... I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm not going to be twentysomething forever. Why, just today I was in a certain teeny bopper (did I just say teeny bopper?) store and realized that I am definitely old. I'm not as young as I think. Motorized scooter coming soon. And Michele S, there will definitely not be 27 more kids in my future. Maybe for you since they come 3 at a time (that's only 9 pregnancies!) but not for me. Jason just mentioned that he is terrified of having twins again and is quite sure that it would happen. He's a little paranoid, but can you blame him?

On the breastfeeding front, things are improving. The thrush is in remission and I haven't had a plugged duct in almost 2 weeks. I am cautiously optimistic!

Ruth asked about my SPD. The babies turned 4 months old yesterday and I still have some lingering pain. Most noticeably, I have pain in my right hip, pubic bone, and lower back. It's all related- and it's all annoying. Unfortunately I can't get to the chiropractor as often as I should so that is a big part of the problem.

I am gearing up for Big Breakdown 2009. It should be happening on Friday. Stay tuned.

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