Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do You See Anything Missing?

Nope, it's not Jason.

And it's not my sanity. (Yet!)

That's right! Matthew finally lost his first tooth. He has been asking about when he'd lose his first tooth ever since he turned 6 and that was over 2 months ago. Then, the week before Christmas, he noticed a wiggle.

First he tried to pull it out before Christmas. Then he tried to do it before New Year's Eve when his cousin was visiting. Last week he was anxious to get it out before Daddy left. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

Yesterday Matthew saw pictures of 2 of his friends who had just lost teeth this week. That was it. He was bound and determined to get that thing out NOW! He headed to the bathroom, washcloth in hand.

Matthew has always had a problem grinding his teeth. As a result, his bottom teeth are filed down to almost nothing. This makes them very hard to grip! We had to enlist the help of my trusty eyebrow tweezers.

He perched on the bathroom counter and attempted to remove the tooth by force. No luck. He tried twisting it with his tongue. Kinda gross. Finally he asked for some assistance. I was happy to oblige. One swift yank with the tweezers and it was out. He just stared at his tooth for a second before he started jumping up and down and shouting "I lost my tooth!" He's so proud! And now I can feel better knowing he isn't going to eat it for dinner one day since it was just barely hanging on in there.

All is well on the homefront. My house is so clean. When I'm stressed out I clean. And I don't sleep. Which means I clean even more.

Last night we celebrated Matthew's lost tooth with a pizza and ice cream party. Any excuse for ice cream around here, right? Besides, I survived my first grocery trip without Jason. But that was only because my dear friend Christen came and sat in my van with 3 of her kids and 5 of my kids (Ryan came with me) while I shopped. 8 kids ages 6 and under? I'd gladly go grocery shopping, thankyouverymuch.

Somehow on Tuesday night we managed to find time to bake oatmeal chocolate chip cookies- from scratch! The kids all helped and we got the kitchen good and messy. It was very hectic as I was trying to keep the girls from licking the blender before I was finished and keep the boys from pushing each other off of the stool. After we finished Joshua looked at me and said, "We have to save some of these for Daddy." Isn't he sweet?

Just when I'm getting into a routine and feeling good about things, Jason calls. He has a 4-day weekend this weekend. And he wants to see me and the kids. I was surprised because he usually doesn't get long weekends but now that he's back "in training" he will have all holidays off. I would jump at the chance to go see him, but my mom and grandmother are coming on Saturday afternoon and leaving on Monday morning. It's a 3-4 hour drive each way to get to Jason. He's not allowed to leave. So do I spend 7 or 8 hours driving (in one day) just to spend the day with him on Friday? I'm thinking yes... Besides, I could bring him his cookies.

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