Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skipping town

One day this week I am skipping town. It was supposed to be last week. Then it was supposed to be today. Then it was going to be tomorrow. Now I am aiming for Thursday. But one day I will be getting the heck out of here.

I will load up my six little ones and our dog, Delmar, and we will hit the road. We are going to VA to visit family for Thanksgiving. I'll leave his week and Jason will fly up next week and then we will drive back together. 650 miles with 6 kids ages 6 and under. Sound like fun? Well it usually is fun!

This year the trip should be extra exciting. We have 2 new babies. We have a boy with a bladder problem. We have a girl that is potty training. (Yay Leila!!!) It should make for some interesting stories. Stay tuned.

Before I go I'm going to share some pictures that my very talented friend Nicole took for us. She did my maternity photos, newborn photos and our first family pictures. For those of you who are local to me, you have to check out her work. She is a great photographer and is incredibly patient. She got a picture of all 6 of my kids together. Talk about patience.

Without further delay, here are my munchkins...

Nathan and Ryan were so fresh and new in this picture. They have grown so much in the last 10 weeks.

Here's my original duo. The first set of "twins." They are definitely trouble times two.

These are my "B" babies. Both Sarah and Ryan were the second born twins.

And of course Leila and Nathan are my "A" babies. The firstborn babies of their twin pairs.

And here are the reasons I get up each morning. Six of the sweetest kids you could ever imagine. I promise that I will look at this picture each and every time that I'm ready to lock myself in the closet.

Thank you God for these 6 small blessings. Thank you Jason for helping me create Twinsanity. Thank you kids for being patient with a stressed out mama. And thank you Nicole for these beautiful pictures that I will always cherish!
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