Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall is Finally Here!

Living in the south means that summer lasts forever. It feels like fall will never come! These last few days have been beautiful and cool. The air is finally full of the smells of autumn. We love it!

Matthew spends as much time as possible outside. He likes to create games on the playground and drive in his toy car. But his favorite thing to do is catch creatures. From frogs and toads to lizards and bugs, this boy loves all of God's creatures.

His latest "catch" was this beautiful frog. He brought it inside to show me. And yes, I made him wash his hands.

Here's a rare smile from my little beauty, L. If you knew how hard it was to get a grin out of this stubborn kid you would really appreciate this picture!

M always has a goofy face if he knows I'm taking a picture. That's just his personality.

This is my blondie flashing me the twinkle in his eye that means he is up to something.

Yep, fall is finally here and we are so excited!
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