Thursday, February 07, 2008

Disney pictures

Joshua got to ride in the front of the monorail with the driver. Matthew refused to ride up there with us and instead chose to ride with Jason and the girls in the next car back. Then he was angry at us for the rest of the day because he didn't ride with the driver. Of course that was my fault! (I even tried bribing him to ride with us but he was NOT having it.)

The girls called this the "pincess cassle." They loved it!

The girls' favorite ride: it's a small world. That was my favorite as a child too. We rode it twice with them and they just LOVED it!

No matter what the kids wore we were constantly asked if they were 2 sets of twins. Every single day we were asked dozens of times! It must be the 2 double strollers, right?

The boys loved this snowman. They have been obsessed with snow for quite some time and Matthew's dream is to make a snowman someday. I really hate the South. We all miss the cold weather so much!

This was supposed to be the highlight of Matthew's day but he would NOT go near them because of the engine noise. He's very sensitive to sensory stuff like that. He was upset afterward that he didn't get to meet Lightning McQueen.

My Lilo & Stitch met the real Lilo & Stitch! L & S loved all of the characters and wanted to hug and kiss each one that we saw.

The kids and Rafiki. M was weird about meeting characters.

M's favorite ride was Test Track because you know he is all about race cars. He and J got to sit in a bunch of GM vahicles, including a Hummer!

Chip & Dale just loved the girls. The feeling was definitely mutual.
(That's my nephew and BIL with us)

Minnie took a liking to J. She even grabbed his hand and walked away with him like she was trying to take him home with her! It was so cute! She just thought he was sweet. She's right. He is such a sweetie!

One of my favorite characters from childhood-Pluto!

The star himself, Mickey Mouse! (That's my SIL with us)

Some brotherly love (where that came from, I have no idea) in front of a race car at Sea World.

One of Shamu's trainers talked with us. The best part of our trip was this Dinner with Shamu. They gave us VIP passes and we sat at the edge of the water, just a few feet from Shamu's pool. Shamu swam around and we ate and drank and talked. It was all you can eat and all you can drink (beer included) so Jason, my BIL and SIL had a great time! I was not feeling too sick that day so I ate a few plates of food. This was the highlight of Matthew's trip since he LOVES Shamu. When we go back next year (we go to Sea World every year) we will definitely do this again! It was awesome!

Shamu and part of M's head... that's how close we were! When Shamu came close to our side he was literally just a few feet away.

M playing at our table. He's wearing a new sweatshirt that both boys got after they were SOAKED by Shamu. (See below!)

One of the trainers came to talk to the boys. They insisted on sitting that close and wanted to get wet despite the cold temperatures that day.

And there it is... the wall of water that crashed onto the boys. Shamu sprayed them with his tail and they just loved it. J was a little shocked because he was drenched but it was funny!

The boys touched stingrays and fed dolphins.

We did a behind the scenes tour and the kids all got to touch a penguin-even the girls. They loved it! J is the penguin lover so this picture is really special to him.
All in all, we had a great time! Matthew rode all of the big roller coasters (Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, etc.) I sat out on most of course. We ate a lot and the kids had a blast. It was exhausting but well worth it! Thankfully I was not too sick for the beginning of our trip so I enjoyed myself too. (Wish I felt better now though!)

(My spellcheck is not working on blogger so pardon any spelling errors)

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