Sunday, February 03, 2008

Chicken Pox

We got 'em!

Well, J does at least. He went to bed at 6pm on Thursday night so I suspected something was up. Friday afternoon he had 6 spots. When he went to bed Friday he had about 10 and when he woke up the next morning there were about 20. Today he has at least 200 spots. He is feeling fine aside from 6 spots in the crack of his bum that are really bothering him. He's on his second oatmeal bath already this morning.

I figured J would catch them first since the girls are still nursing. Maybe M will be next?

Speaking of nursing, I MUST get these girls night-weaned. It's not about my lack of sleep although that will soon become a concern. It's about having 2 girls nursing every couple of hours each ALL NIGHT long and a new baby on the way. Although it does not bother me now, Jason's schedule switches from days to nights frequently and I need to be able to leave the girls at night for a birth and not worry about them waking up screaming for milkies. We've tried the suggestions in "No Cry Sleep Solution" and are trying Dr. Jay Gordon's tips now. Any other words of wisdom?

And about my morning sickness... I have tried it all. The small & frequent meals, the ginger, the peppermint oil, the B complex vitamins... You name it, I have tried it. I spent the first 12-13 weeks of my last pregnancy confined to my couch, too sick to move. Every suggestion that was offered was something I tried. Except for Sea Bands. For some reason I just never got around to trying them. Until now.

Let me just say that these things are saving me right now. They don't take the nausea completely away but they have helped immensely. Without them on I can't eat unless I'm next to the sink because I gag & heave everytime food or drink crosses my lips (or even comes close.) With the Sea Bands on I can get past the gagging and heaving and actually get small amounts of food into my body. Once I get a little bit of protein or carbs in there I can have something to drink and it doesn't make me sick. It's a definite improvement! I've been sleeping with the bands on too, only removing them to shower.

That's my story for now. Disney pictures will be coming soon...
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