Friday, October 12, 2007

Busy week

We've been rushing from appointment to appointment lately. My brother flew in last night and is visiting for a week so the kids are super excited and especially wound up right now.

Sarah's cardiologist appointment was yesterday and we have GREAT news! It's an innocent murmur! What a relief!

M's occupational therapist went over his test results yesterday. The results showed what we already knew basically. Some of the notes say things like "difficulty with sensory processing" including the following sensory systems: auditory, visual, vestibular, touch, multisensory. It also mentions "difficulties related to his behavior and emotional responses to sensory input." Gee, you think?! The official diagnosis from the neurologist is Asperger's Syndrome.

J had his hearing test and I was right-perfect hearing! The test was just a formality because he couldn't see the speech therapist without it. He starts speech therapy next Thursday and his evaluation with the ENT is in November. I am holding out hope that they will not clip his frenulum! This poor kid gets so upset when we can't understand what he's trying to say. I hope that we're able to work with him and at least get him to a point where we can decipher his words with some consistency. He tries so hard!

J also saw the dermatologist about a "suspicious" mole between his toes. The doctor was concerned and took pictures to monitor the growth and changes. He said it definitely needs to be removed but does not want to traumatize J so said we can wait a few years as long as he is monitored every 6 months. If it changes significantly we have to have it removed now. We'll go back in April unless something changes in the meantime.

More later...
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