Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm sure you've all heard about the recent incident at Applebee's involving a nursing mom, right?


Well apparently you are supposed to cover up with a blanket when you nurse at Applebee's. Back in June a nursing mom (Brooke Ryan) was nursing discreetly in a corner booth when she was approached by an Applebee's employee who told her she needed to cover up. She explained her rights (in Kentucky a mother can breastfeed anywhere the mother is allowed to be) and spoke to a manager. She ended up leaving without her meal after she was harassed about nursing in public.

I'm getting so sick of this crap! If you don't like it, DON'T LOOK! Seriously, I have NEVER seen a nursing mom rip open her shirt and whip out a breast when nursing at a restaurant. That's how people like to describe it when they talk about nursing in public. Really, do any of you nurse that way? I sure don't (or at least didn't before I was nursing twins!)

Applebee's response from their corporate office was that they are considering providing blankets for mothers to use when nursing in their restaurants. Unacceptable. Some babies (mine included) would never nurse under a blanket. Nor should they have to!

Saturday there are dozens of nurse "outs" planned all across the country. I'd love to organize one here but am not sure if that would conflict with me being a LLL Leader. I'm going to check on that...

All the breastfeeding talk just reminded me of this awesome Sesame Street clip I saw recently. Check it out!

And on a completely different topic, Coop America has a great article out about water filters for those of you trying to ditch the plastic bottles. Did you know we throw away 60 million bottles A DAY and those bottles use 20 million barrels of oil to produce them? Talk about wasteful.

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