Monday, September 10, 2007

Applebee's Protest

Over 2000 people in 43 states participated in a protest (for lack of a better word) on Saturday. There were 100 Applebee's locations included. A huge turnout! Some friends and I represented at our local restaurant. Lactivism at its best!

I'm obviously still alive... Just taking time to be with the family. We started "school" today so I've been extra busy. I feel terrible because poor Joshua doesn't get enough of my attention obviously. I had no idea that he could write the alphabet already! Where have I been?

Tomorrow we have doctor's appointments for all 4 kids. I'm sure there will be something interesting to report. J is having his tongue checked because I'm afraid his tight frenulum might be contributing to his poor speech. M needs to get started with his OT. L has a weird splotchy rash on her belly that has been there for several months. And S has a dent (yes, a dent!) in her forehead. Life is never dull in this house!

Wish me luck...
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