Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The crazy life

I can't seem to let myself take the time to sit down and write lately! I did finally get some emails read-down to 149 now.

Saturday was the big picnic & concert that turned out to be a bust! We had 50 people there but it was all of the same Leaders and moms-no new faces. It was a LOT of work though and we did have a great time despite the 100 degree weather.

Today we had 7 new moms at our LLL meeting so that was exciting! Where were these moms on Saturday though? Probably home in the air conditioning.

I have to share a great post from Stacie at The Twinkies. She complied a list of ways to know if you are a mother of multiples. I just had to laugh and nod as I read through it. It's funny how having twins can change your perspective. I used to think that one baby was a lot of work. Now I know I will never again complain about having one baby.

Some days I just have these moments where I realize that my life is so much crazier than my friends' lives! Today I lugged 2 babies, 3 boxes, a diaper bag, my purse, a water jug, a stroller, and 2 kids in to our LLL meeting and then helped a friend carry in 2 boxes of books. Then I went out to lunch after the meeting and had 2 squirmy babies (one screaming just for fun) and 2 cranky boys. There was a lot of nipple flashing as the girls nursed with the distractions in the restaurant and there was definitely some food throwing and a few choice words from an angry 4-year old. My poor friends will probably never want to go anywhere with us again!

Ahh, that's me... living la vida loca.
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