Monday, August 20, 2007

Multiple Round Robin-August Question

Amy at Double Delight asks,
If your babes are identical - how similar do you think they are vs what other people think? If they are fraternal - are they very different or do you find it difficult to differentiate?

This is a question that I am often asked when we are out in public and even by our own family. Everyone wants to know if they act alike since it's obvious that they look alike.

We can say with 99.99% certainty that our twins are identical. We had a DNA test done when they were 5 months old. Although there were uncanny similarities (same birthmark, both have dimples in right cheek, same cowlick, etc) we still thought they were too different to be identical. We can easily tell them apart so we assumed they were fraternal twins. The DNA test set us straight.

Our girls have opposite personalities and temperaments. They always have-and I've always been able to tell them apart, even in the dark of the night at 2am, because they sound different to me. I can distinguish their cries and the way that they speak.

Leila is the fiercely independent one. She will walk away from me and never look back. But if she wants something she will scream until I satisfy her. She only likes to be held when she's nursing and if she's not nursing she wants to walk. L is also more serious and doesn't like to smile for strangers. Ironically, L is also the one who pitches a fit in the church nursery and I usually have to go get her!

Sarah is my shy girl. She will smile for anyone though, as long as she is near me. She likes to be held and carried and prefers to be with me. She is the one who does great in the church nursery though. She is more patient and less vocal than her sister. S was also slower to walk. She was able to walk at the same time as L but she preferred to be carried instead.

When I watch these girls changing each day I see so much of their brothers in them. S is a lot like Joshua. She and J are both my quieter, calmer children. Two peas in a pod! L is like Matthew-only a little less intense I think. Maybe not... But she is loud and energetic and stubborn. M and L are like their mama. J & S are Jason through and through.

People like to ask me which twin is the "bad" one. Or they say "double trouble." I think they are both perfect little girls and I'm so incredibly blessed to have them in my life!
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