Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fun with hormones

After a day like yesterday today HAD to be better, right? I guess so!

We missed church this morning and spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up from yesterday and being pirates. M & J were making everyone "walk the plank." Apparently we are all scurvy pirates now. I had a good laugh, which I desperately needed!

Tonight we cooked out on the grill again and watched "Peter Pan." Then M got a headache and the girls became cranky (4 molars x2 babies, you do the math!) so it was time for bed. The house is quiet now.

There was a point today when Jason became frustrated and said he can't do this anymore. I told him only I can have breakdowns. He doesn't think I'm funny. He took a 5-minute breather and all was well again. It is really tough to gently parent 4 young kids and have no time for yourself.

Ironically, I watched a marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8 the other day. For those that don't know, the family has 2 6-year olds and 6 2-year olds. Yes, sextuplets AND twins. I had seen one episode before where they moved around Christmas and it appeared that they had no family or friends to help them and that they did everything themselves. Well, the marathon I watched shocked me! Every single episode showed them leaving their kids for a date night or a vacation. It made me insanely jealous! If they can get away with 8 kids 6 and under why can't we get away (for just one night) with only 4 kids 4 and under? Am I doing something wrong here?

When I was watching that show I had to laugh at the similarities between their relationship and ours. Kate is very controlling and Jon is the passive one. The way they interact is very much like the way Jason and I interact as well. There is a lot of teasing and some bickering but the love is so genuine. I'm sure it's like that with a lot of families with multiples.

Anyway, I am really feeling like Jason and I need some time to ourselves. I know it will come eventually. Maybe in September when my dad visits... The girls are getting more and more independent and are sleeping more at night. Soon I should be able to sneak away for dinner and a movie without returning home to screaming babies. I think we just need one night and we'll be set for awhile!

Today was a good day. That's the fun part about pregnancy and postpartum hormones. You never know what you're gonna get. Some days are great and some are just awful or it can change minute by minute. I've been on this roller coaster for over 5 years now with no break. Poor Jason doesn't remember what the "normal" me is like-and neither do I. But it is all worth it in the end when I see 4 smiling, dimpled faces looking back at me.
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