Monday, April 02, 2007

MIA again

I have been MIA again. So much going on!!!

I'm getting ready for the LLL conference which means tie dying sheets for tablecloths and pricing the items we'll sell at our boutique table. We had a huge tie dying party at my house on Friday. Our group is the Decorations Committee.

Then I have the ICAN conference (see my upcoming post on CAM) which is in Syracuse. I'm busy preparing for that because I'm co-chair of the auction/raffle committee. I get to run the silent auction and raffle at the conference! Also, I've been selling advertising to pay my way to the conference.

In June we have the Army Ball. I've never been to a ball before and it just so happens that I'm helping with the decorations (see a theme here?) That means meeting with people and going to stores and taking pictures and more meetings...

My husband brought home a cold from his trip so I think I'm getting that today. He's been home for a week but it's just hitting me now. At least I can get that out of the way before my long drive to VA in 2 weeks. 2 weeks?!? Is it really that soon? I need to start packing!!!!

Oh, and I was sewing diapers yesterday so that I could paint today. I cranked out 4 diapers, did 22 loads of laundry this weekend (the tie dye sheets were killing me!) and now I'm working on a couple of watercolor paintings for the conference auctions.

Saturday we also took the boys to the riding stables for pony rides. They had a great time! Yesterday we got to church and got out of the van and realized that J had pooped in his underwear. I took M and the girls in to church while my husband drove all the way back home to change J and come back.

So that's what I've been up to lately!
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