Monday, November 04, 2013

November already?!

I've been hearing people talk about fall and time changes and cool weather... and the holidays.  Here in the land of perpetual summer, I've been in denial.  It's hard to get in the spirit of fall when there's no time change and the warm weather doesn't exactly make you want to sip a hot beverage or enjoy comfort foods.

It suddenly hit me this weekend.  The movers will be here in 3 weeks!  And in 4 short weeks, Seven will be one.  Major denial here!

Seven went trunk-or-treating dressed in the same lion costume that three of her brother have worn.  It was Matthew's costume on his first Halloween in 2003, Joshua wore it for his first in 2004, and Nathan wore it on his second for our family Wizard of Oz getup in 2009.  I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it.

Jason had a class function to attend on trunk-or-treat night at our church so I met a friend there and the two of us herded our ten combined children around the church parking lot.  My four boys dressed as (somewhat haphazard) Ninja Turtles.  Leila and Sarah dressed as Lalaloopsies.  Their wigs weren't ready (long story but I procrastinated and under estimated time commitment on those) but they were still cute.

As the youngest sibling of two sets of identical twins, you wouldn't think that Seven would attract much attention.  Yet somehow she stole the show!  There was something pretty cute about seeing a tiny little girl toddling around so quickly as she tried to keep up with her brothers and sisters.

What's this?  A picture of me?  I have been avoiding the camera since I'm so out of shape right now but Seven is positively adorable in this picture so it must be shared.

We made a last-minute trip to a local pumpkin patch just before Halloween.  It was a great reminder of how different life is in the desert.  (And why I'm not cut out for desert living!)  The patch was a dry, dusty square of dirt.  Combined with the hot sun and the high winds that we get here, it was a different experience than most of our pumpkin patch trips.  Still a lot of fun though, especially with the company of two friends and their children.

We met this mama goat who was heavily pregnant.  The farm owners believe she is carrying twins.  I could immediately relate as I watched her looking somewhat miserable in the heat and dust.  Poor girl.  She was also surround by dozens of chickens and hoards of children.  When she looked at me I could read it in her eyes... "save me!"
Seven was clearly not a fan of the hay bales.  Wagon rides, yes... hay bales, no.

Sarah is destined to be a farm girl... one day.

On Halloween night, I finally finished the girls' Lalaloopsy wigs.  After hours of hot gluing strands of yarn, I completely forgot to take a picture until it was dark outside.  The picture may not be great, but we had great fun.

And now, we are beginning the countdown.  We move out of our house here on Seven's first birthday, November 30th.  I know I always say it but I'm never going to be ready!

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