Friday, June 07, 2013

We Miss Grass

We just got back from a wonderful couple of weeks in Denver.  We were not thrilled about returning home and we desperately miss my dad already.  There were lots of tears from my kids and we hadn't even made it to Colorado Springs on the day we left before my dad called to say the neighbor kids were knocking at his door.  My big boys made instant friends with the gang of neighborhood boys and my girls bonded over gymnastics with the little girls across the street from my dad.  My little boys made a buddy in the boy two houses up the street who was just the same age.  Even our lab mix, Delmar, made friends with the neighbors' dogs.

It's hard to leave the snow-capped mountains for the dry, dusty mountains down here.  And certainly trading temps in the 70s for temps in the 100s is not cool.  But if you asked my kids what they really dislike about desert life, they'd tell you that they just miss grass.  Yep, we are definitely not desert rats.  We need our green!

While we still don't know where we are headed next, we do know that the kids and I will be back in Georgia in just 6 months.  It may only be temporary, only time will tell.  Jason should be getting his next assignment in the next few months.
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