Thursday, November 01, 2012

Not Ready for November

Well, I guess it's time to get serious here.  Seven will be arriving sometime this month.  I'm not ready, but then I don't know that I'll ever be ready to drop everything and have a baby.

Last weekend we had our first sleepover experience.  Matthew had 2 friends spend the night for his birthday.  The boys that came over are brothers and are the youngest 2 kids out of 7 in their family, so I figured they'd be up for the craziness that comes with staying at our house.  Fortunately, having 2 more kids was no big deal and we all survived a house full of 8 kids ages 4-10, six of them boys, that were hyped up on birthday cake.  (You veteran parents that have had a dozen tweens sleeping over for birthday parties amaze me.  I don't know that I'll ever be ready for that.)

Tomorrow we have a big day planned.  Joshua is going on a flight with the Young Eagles and will get an awesome aerial view of our little town.  I'd never heard of this program before, but it sounds pretty amazing.  Kids 8-17 can fly (for free) with an experienced pilot so they can experience the thrill of flying.  Joshua has flown several times before, but never like this and never without me.  It should be exciting!

Matthew goes back to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.  He had his cast put on last Friday but the x-ray last week showed that one of the bones had slipped out of place.  We're hoping that it hasn't moved any more since then.  The doctor said that kids' bones grow so quickly that it wasn't a big deal to leave the pieces out of alignment, as long as the pieces were touching.  If they shift more, Matthew will need surgery again.  So we're hoping for good news tomorrow!
We did some trunk-or-treating at our church last week and my crew was mostly dressed in Mario Bros. fashion.  Leila was Snow White, Matthew was a skeleton with a couple of broken bones, Sarah was Princess Peach, Joshua was Toad, and Nathan & Ryan were Mario & Luigi.
Matthew decided to change up his costume last night and went trick-or-treating as an injured soldier instead of the skeleton.  After the last couple of years of moving and deployment and everything else, I think I'm taking a break from making our own costumes.  Maybe next year...

This year I had a chance to decorate the bump.  I've never been this pregnant in October before, so this was fun.  I'll have to do some more henna next.  Since Seven isn't here yet to be dressed up, a jack-o-lantern belly will have to suffice.  If you don't want to see my big, basketball belly, look away now...

We can't wait to meet this pumpkin!

Ack!  I can't believe it's November!

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