Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Six Years, Six Thousand Miles, and Being Sick

On Saturday, Leila and Sarah turned six.  Who gave these girls permission to grow up?!

As usual, I spent their birthday reflecting on their birth.  I can still clearly recall the slight feeling of terror that I felt when I held them both and realized that I'd just given birth to twins.  I can also clearly recall the euphoria that followed when I realized that I'd just given birth to twins in my bedroom.  (You can read their birth story here.)

It's hard to believe that my baby girls are six now.  They are still the size of 3- or 4-year olds and they still sleep together in the same bed.  They still hold hands when they cross the street together and they still get scared of the dark sometimes.  I hope I will always remember these sweet moments.

In just a few short days we will be leaving on another road trip.  The timing is not-so-great, but that's pretty typical for us.  A few weeks ago I started having problems with my ear and throat and that culminated in a peritonsillar abscess that had to be drained.  Twice.  The infection made me feel like garbage, which was rough because the morning sickness already made me feel like garbage.

On that note, I do seem to be feeling better.  I'm just about in my second trimester and the fog of nausea seems to be slowly lifting.  I know that everyone is dying for me to have an ultrasound to see if I could be having twins again.  If I had to guess, I would say that there's only one baby in there.  I haven't had an ultrasound yet and I'm not sure when I'll have one, so for right now I'm just going with my gut.  And if I had to guess, I'd say the baby might be a girl.  I was never sick with Matthew or Joshua and I've been horribly sick this time.

As we get ready to hit the road again, Jason and I have mixed feelings about our trip.  Our family is in Virginia and the burden of traveling to visit definitely falls on us.  We don't mind the travel part (we actually love it) but the expense is a tough pill to swallow.  Dave Ramsey would definitely not approve of us going into debt to visit family, but we feel that seeing family once a year is not asking too much.  With gas prices being what they are, our 6,000 mile trip will cost a pretty penny.  I wish that there was a way to cut costs, but the majority of our expenses are just for gas since we eat and sleep in the RV.

I have heard from other military families that they don't travel to visit family and request that their family visits them.  Some even offer to pay for family to visit.  (Might be cheaper that way for us!)  If you live far from family, what do you do?  Do you travel to visit?  If so, how often?

My children (Matthew, especially) are disappointed that we aren't going to any "new" states on this trip.  I hate to tell them, but I doubt we'll be visiting those last 3 states anytime soon.  If I could drive to Hawaii, maybe...
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