Monday, April 09, 2012

Good News

Joshua's pathology report came back and it's good news! His mole was a "dysplastic nevus with congenital features." It was benign, although it had features that made it a bit more likely to turn into melanoma in the future. All in all, I'm glad we had it removed. The doctor got clear margins around it so there shouldn't be any chance of anything funky happening now.

After a mildly traumatic changing of his wound dressing last week, Joshua is feeling much better. He's walking on his foot again!

Yesterday we managed to get all six kids dressed and ready for church on time. After church we had lunch and then drove up into one of the canyons to walk outside and blow bubbles. The only thing missing was a big Easter dinner with all of our family. I think holidays are the times when I really feel homesick and wish that we could see our family more than once a year.

We are really looking forward to next month because we are headed home again. It's time for what has become our annual cross-country trip to the east coast. Jason has a few weeks off and we are going to take the opportunity to visit family and friends in Georgia and Virginia. Of course with gas prices being so high, we might as well be flying to Europe instead. It'd probably be cheaper!
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