Monday, March 05, 2012

Loving Arizona

It's sort of strange being back in Arizona. We never thought we'd live here again and it's comforting to move to a place that is somewhat familiar. I remember saying that I wouldn't mind living here again... and here we are now.
I took this picture almost 3 years ago. This weekend we had dinner here.
When we lived here in 2009, the kids and I were just visiting. We stayed for several weeks so that we could see Jason before he left for Iraq. There was sort of a cloud hanging over us, although we tried to really enjoy every minute that we had together. The kids had no idea what was coming.
It is so much easier to spend the day out now. I spend a lot less time worrying about what's packed in the diaper bag and a lot more time dragging the kids on desert hikes. Eating in a restaurant is less of a logistical nightmare. (A little less.) Maybe it's just getting enough sleep that makes you really appreciate having bigger little kids. (Yeah, it's probably the sleep because I hate them growing up so fast!)

This time, there is no looming deployment. We are just... here. Living. Enjoying our time here, knowing that another move is coming next year. It's kinda nice!
We had lunch in Tombstone this weekend. As I watched Sarah and Joshua sitting on this bench, it was strangely familiar.
We walked the same streets and stopped in the same places. But this time we have a smaller stroller... and bigger kids!
We've downgraded our stroller. Finally! Although, Leila and Sarah were both sitting in the double stroller after a long day of walking. It's harder pushing four kids in a double than it is pushing 5 kids in a quad.
(Sarah loves riding on Daddy's shoulders!)
We visited one of our favorite spots this weekend. There is a beautiful river just outside of town and the kids love to stand high on the banks of the river and toss pebbles into it.

There is just something really special about watching siblings hold hands. Don't you think?
There have been a few cool days here, although clouds are a rare sight. We have had quite a few windy days. One night last week brought 60+ mph wind gusts that carried all of our patio furniture away. That was exciting! (This is the view from our backyard.)
Even though it's 70 degrees or more at our house, there's still a light dusting of snow on the mountains. Love that!

It's hard to believe that we have only been here for 2 months now. It is already feeling like home. I guess that's a good thing!
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