Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Duct Tape Really Does Fix Everything

This post could be alternatively titled "How I Broke my Child's Finger Sucking Habit with Duct Tape."

Before anyone reports me for child abuse, let me explain...

Leila and Sarah have had this finger sucking habit since they were babies. It used to be cute, but by the time they turned five it was not so much. They both wanted to stop but couldn't because they sucked their fingers during their sleep.
One day Sarah saw my roll of Hello Kitty duct tape and asked me to tape her fingers. I loosely wrapped a small piece of tape around her 3 "sucking fingers" and it prevented her from sucking in her sleep. I did the same for Leila. Within a few weeks, Leila had stopped sucking her fingers and we never used the tape again. After a few more weeks, Sarah had stopped too. Now both girls are very proud that they have ditched the habit and we haven't used tape in months.

These girls are growing up! They both have their first loose teeth right now and I'm finding it impossible to believe that they're old enough for that. Of course, they look younger than they are because of their size, so in my mind they are still my babies.

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