Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well, That Was Fun

1,400+ more miles later... we are home. Home, of course, being not so much a home and more of a camper.

We had a great trip and really enjoyed spending some time with my dad. It was a great distraction from Jason's notable absence.

Back in the RV park, we returned to discover that fall had arrived and left soggy, wet leaves in a 2-foot pile all around our camper. And then there was the tiny matter of cleaning up my van. After any road trip, cleaning the van becomes a monumental task. This trip was no exception. Needless to say, I've had my work cut out for me.

Did I mention that Ryan is potty training? He is... mostly. I don't know why these little boys are determined to be 100 times more difficult than their 4 older siblings combined, but they are definitely not making it easy for me. Ryan is peeing in the potty with 95% accuracy but still poops in his pants 100% of the time. And since he refuses to wear diapers during the day, I'm usually cleaning up poop at night. Nathan still has no interest in the potty... except to flush things down it.

We are down to our final days in Washington. With less than a month left here, I'm getting more and more anxious about what happens next. Probably because I don't know what happens next. A blog post I read recently really hit home. It sums up our situation pretty well, too. There are a lot of military families being forced to make tough decisions when it comes time to move to the next duty station and they can't sell (or rent) their home. Sometimes a stationary life seems so much easier.

A few thousand miles down, a few thousand miles left to go...
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